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From Scratch tickets on sale!

Tickets are now on sale for the second FROM SCRATCH, this time casting the spotlight on four brand new musicals and offering an opportunity to discuss what makes new musicals work?

Led by a panel of industry experts, audiences are invited to share their feedback and help the artists in the development of their work.

Tickets are available now, so book online:


From Scratch has been directed by Patrick Maubert

WHEN: Wednesday 26th November, 7pm

WHERE: Phoenix Artist Club, 110 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 8BU (map)


Tickets are limited, reserve in advance to avoid disappointment:

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From Scratch: new musicals announced

From Scratch is back! And this time we’ve got jazz hands!


Well, while we can’t promise jazz hands (a bit cheesy these days?), we CAN promise an evening of spectacular new work. Our From Scratch series is dedicated to seeking out new work and performing it before an audience and a panel of selected industry experts. Each artist will benefit from a feedback session to assist and inspire the development process.


With just one week to go, we are thrilled to announce the line up for this month’s FROM SCRATCH featuring four new musicals from emerging artists:


The Dating Cycle

Music and lyrics by Verity Quade and Robert Archibald



Book & Lyrics by Ty Defoe and Music by Tidtaya Sinutoke


Our (plural) life (singular)

Music by Andy McGregor Lyrics by John Hamilton May


Table and Chair Take the Air

Music and lyrics by Trevor Bachman


With Musical Director James Taylor

Directed by Patrick Maubert


Tickets are now on sale for this one-off musical theatre event in the heart of the West End:


From Scratch will take place at The Phoenix Artist Club at 7pm on Wednesday 26th November.


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We want to hear from you!

Well, that’s a wrap on this year’s Another Day, and we’re already working hard on next years project. In the meantime, we would love to hear from all of you who came along so that we can continue to improve our productions.

If you have 10 minutes, please share your thoughts with us via this online survey: [click]


Thanks from all of us here at team AFOAF and Another Day!


ANOTHER DAY Blackfriars cast final call


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Another Day Production Photography

ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars

It’s been three weeks since the company of Another Day took their final bow… so we thought it was about time for a jaunt down memory lane (Blackfriars Road). Click on the link below to see the beautiful production photos by Bogdan Staiculescu.

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 “FIVE STARS: A truly amazing piece of theatre where the sights and sounds of the ordinary world enhanced the action.”

True theatre doesn’t have to take place in a huge Victorian building with a stage, proscenium arch, fancy sets, etc and “Another Day” the latest show from A Friend of a Friend Productions, proves this admirably with a site-specific promenade theatre show making the area around the London borough of Blackfriars a stage in its own right. The show, commissioned by the local authority to produce art that embraces and involves the local community, uses not one but 6 playwrights who base their own plays on stories and reminiscences from the Blackfriars population, whilst also contributing to an over-arching single story. A tough call you might think but Producer Susanna Narvaez and Director Patrick Maubert really delivered the goods on this project.

London Theatre 1 ANOTHER DAY review

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 “FIVE STARS: Don’t let the cold weather put you off as the performance of this cast will definitely warm your hearts and make you smile.”

Set in modern day Blackfriars in South London we follow the stories of various locals who tell their own tale. Another Day is a site-specific promenade performance which takes us on a journey of what it means to live and be a part of a community in London.

ANOTHER DAY SoSoGay review pressContinue Reading..

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Another Day: sneak peek behind the scenes

ANOTHER DAY rehearsal cast photography

We held our dress rehearsal yesterday, and here are some sneaky photos from behind the scenes…

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Press: So So Gay

Check us out! The wonderful editors at So So Gay have plugged ANOTHER DAY:


Another Day SoSoGay PRESS

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Another Day rehearsals

With the opening night of ANOTHER DAY drawing near, here’s a sneak peak at life behind the rehearsal room doors!


Another Day AFOAF us Suzanne Patrick auditions Another Dat cast rehearsal

Another Dat cast rehearsal Another Dat cast rehearsal

Another Dat cast rehearsal Another Dat cast rehearsal

Another Dat cast rehearsal Another Dat cast rehearsal

Another Dat cast rehearsal


You can see more photos by following us on instagram and twitter: @AFOAFProd



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Introducing: playwright Ben Norton Davies

Ben Norton Davies

It’s time to introduce multi-talented ANOTHER DAY playwright Ben Norton Davies…

Ben, ANOTHER DAY will be the second time you have worked with A Friend of a Friend Productions can  you tell us a little bit about the first time?

Yeah, well I was fortunate enough to have a play in the ‘Scripted’ event at the Southwark Playhouse  last year.

Two years ago actually.

Is it really? Bloody hell, time flies. Okay so I had a play in ‘Scripted’ two years ago; a little comedic  two hander about unrequited love called “A Misunderstanding” which had just been shortlisted for the Soho Theatre Westminster Prize. I enjoy playing around with staging conventions in my writing and I came up with the idea of a piece that worked as a single narrative but told by two people in
separate spaces… it seemed to go down pretty well.

It really did. So what have you been doing since then?

You know the joy of it was I actually met with a number of people in the bar after ‘Scripted’ who had enjoyed what I had done and wanted me to work with them. That was a great feeling! So that night I was commissioned to create a piece for Invertigo’s ‘Seven’ event at The George Tavern in Shadwell. Then that in turn led to me writing a longer piece for them entitled “A Marked Man” that was presented at the 2013 HighTide Festival. I have also had works performed at new writing nights across London. Oh and I’m working on a screenplay… but then isn’t everyone?

A Misunderstanding SCRIPTED lob

Nick Read and Ben Worth in A MISUNDERSTANDING

A question we are asking all our writers is predictably enough; “did you always want to be a writer?”

No, not really. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I actually went to university with ambitions of being an actor. Then while I was there I wrote a few plays for coursework that were well received, and then I started writing stand-up routines and comedy songs that I would perform at local pubs, and I guess I just found myself drifting more in that direction. Even now though I don’t really think of myself as just a writer as its only part of what I do, part of who I am I guess.

And what are the other parts?

Eurgh. I don’t know. I hate these kinds of questions. I do a bit of everything I guess; writing, illustration, comics, design… and then there’s the day job as a follow spot operator.

Can you tell us more about that?

About follow spotting? Well I point a big light at a stage…

Ha. No; about your design work.

Oh right, okay. So I created the webcomics ‘My TV is Evil’, ‘Catatonic’ and ‘Modern Life is Awesome’, and I’ve done logo designs and posters for various clients. I’ve also done artwork on iPhone apps and various websites. Most recently I designed the cover art for Jenifer Toksvig and David Perkins adaptation of ‘The Nutcracker’ for Samuel French, which we are currently developing into an interactive app book. So yeah; to go back to the question “did I always want to be a writer?” I guess I just always wanted to be creative, you know?… Damn, no; don’t put that.

Why not?

Well it’s a bit of a wanky answer, isn’t it? You know what; ask me again.

Okay. Did you always want to be a writer?


Ha! Okay can you tell us a bit about your writing process? Do you sit down with a definite idea or do you just start typing and see what comes out?

I guess a bit of both. I fill notebook after notebook with ideas, and thoughts, and overheard conversations but naturally not every one of them will develop into something. I’m not one of those writers that handcuffs themselves to the computer for eight hours a day, I tend to focus on an idea with a rabid ferocity for as long as it feels exciting and then if I haven’t shaped it into something in the first week or so it tends to drop down into the “work in progress” file where it moulders, half-forgotten, until I rediscover it when I’ve lost interest in the next thing, do you know what I mean?

But still I would say I write most days; on the bus, at work, in cafes, you know? I’ve constantly got three or four projects bubbling away at any one time so I’ll flit between them constantly editing and revising. Of course sometimes you get lucky and people ask you for something specific; and I love it when that happens because in many ways it makes the process easier; having that pressure to deliver… you know that absolute threat of a deadline? It cuts out all the procrastination and forces you to, well… deliver.

We know what you mean.

That’s a relief.

Ha. ANOTHER DAY focuses on the residents of Southwark and in particular Blackfriars, can you tell us a little about your connection to the area.

Well I have been a Southwark resident for about 10 years, first in Elephant and Castle and now slightly further out in East Dulwich. I love South London, especially the genuine sense of pride that people have for the area. I also love how you are only ever a few minutes from a park, I’m not a full on tree hugger or anything but I do like to sit in the shade of a tree with my ukulele on a sunny afternoon. As for Blackfriars itself I am quite familiar with the area as I often cut through on my way to and from work but thanks to working on this project I’ve been spending more time in the area and spending more money in the many bars! This summer I happily ended many an evening staggering to the 63 bus stop on Blackfriars Road! You know, I actually set “A Marked Man” in Blackfriars? Admittedly a slightly dystopian future version of Blackfriars, but still… I was drawn to the dichotomy of the area, extreme wealth and extreme poverty rubbing against each other in such a confined space, and then you’ve got the sense of history in conflict with extreme modernisation and the fact that you can see these changes in the skyline happening daily, happening relentlessly; it makes for a strong visual metaphor for modern society. It’s actually been extremely satisfying to revisit these ideas and have them inform the piece I’ve written for ‘Another Day’.

Ben Norton Davies is the writer of ‘The Artist’s Dog’ for ANOTHER DAY.

Follow Ben on twitter : @mytvisevil

Check out his comics:

My TV is Evil -
Catatonic -
Modern Life is Awesome -

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