“FIVE STARS: Don’t let the cold weather put you off as the performance of this cast will definitely warm your hearts and make you smile.”

Set in modern day Blackfriars in South London we follow the stories of various locals who tell their own tale. Another Day is a site-specific promenade performance which takes us on a journey of what it means to live and be a part of a community in London.

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To some this may sound like your average day journey on your commute through London, but don’t be fooled. Penned together by six playwrights (which includes none other than So So Gay’s very own James Robert-Moore) artistic director Patrick Maubert pieces these stories together and takes us on a powerful journey through the urban community in this part of South London. Barely any time into this performance and you are gripped (and some may say slightly nervous) as you the audience become part of the performance laughing along (and even singing!) as you delve into this marvellous production.



The cast are all brilliant, making sure you are always engaged and focused with a true essence of South London displayed throughout the 80 minutes. Maubert’s direction allows the characters to each tell their individual tales, which unravel and soon become intertwined in the other stories whilst keeping the audience mystified as to what comes next.


Shivani Kapur is just brilliant as the Tour Guide showing a bold and engaging performance, keeping the whole audience hilariously laughing at her boundless energy and highly amusing, funny character. Alex Harvey shows a truly stunning performance, with his ode to one of London’s many stereotypical characters who warms to the audience with his wit and pugnacious demeanour as The Artist.


This particular reviewer personally prefers musical theatre to plays, so it definitely takes something to keep us engaged and focused, and without fail this is what Another Day flawlessly delivers. Don’t let the cold weather put you off as the performance of this cast will definitely warm your hearts and make you smile.


Another Day runs from Sunday 26 October to Wednesday 29 October 2014. Tickets start at £10, or £5 for SE1 residents. 

BY Christian Dolan



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