What we’ve been reading

Here’s a round up of what we’ve been reading online this week…


Editor’s Blog: Made in Dagenham and the plight of the British musical

By Theo Bosanquet via What’s On Stage

“Walking through the West End these days, you could be forgiven for thinking it was 1995 rather that 2015, such is the proliferation of ‘golden oldies’. And arguably, when it comes to new work, audiences would rather now get their fix from plays rather than musicals”

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New work makes up nearly two-thirds of all British theatre productions

By Maev Kennedy via The Guardian

“What we were most struck by in the research is that, despite reasonable fears that the theatre in these straitened times might fall back on ‘safer’ forms of theatre, like reviving the classics, in fact theatremakers and audiences seem to have turned to new work”

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London’s Ten Best Plays – 6 February 2015

By Stephen Collins via British Theatre

“What Play should you see first in London? We have compiled this list to save you the trouble of working it out! It’s just our view – and everyone has one”

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Guest Feature: Why a Theatre Festival About Sexual Abuse & Violence?

By Tessa Hart via Female Arts

“People are eager to join in and let their voices be heard, share their feelings and experiences.”

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rewrites script following audience complaint

By Matthew Hemley via The Stage

“West End musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has rewritten part of its script after a challenge from an audience member.”

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