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A Friend of a Friend Productions, in partnership with Southwark Council, is proud to be working towards the second instalment of Blackfriars Stories. Following the success of October 2014’s Another Day, a site-specific promenade theatre production celebrating the area of Blackfriars, A Friend of a Friend continue their work with local businesses and residents.

“6 great plays, 9 marvellous actors and even a bit of local history thrown in. Blackfriars will never be the same again.”

LondonTheatre1 *****

“a powerful journey through the urban community in this part of South London.”

So So Gay ***** 



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What the audience thought


“The piece as a whole was very well executed. The direction was very strong and very immersive for an audience.”

“The concept was strikingly original and the performances were outstanding. We loved the blurring of the lines between ‘performance’ and ‘reality’.”

“I loved the scene under the bridge with the young graffiti artist – something connected with me and what is happening in the local area.”

“Truly enjoyable”

“The play was enhanced by being in the spaces”

ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars

ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars

ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars Jenny

ANOTHER DAY Photography Blackfriars dress rehearsal

What the critics thought

“full credit to the cast and director for making such an intimate glimpse of the characters’ lives seem very natural as we followed their short but powerful story.”

“it definitely takes something to keep us engaged and focused, and without fail this is what Another Day flawlessly delivers”

“A truly amazing piece of theatre where the sights and sounds of the ordinary world enhanced the action”

“you are always engaged and focused with a true essence of South London displayed throughout the 80 minutes.”


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  [hupso_hide]You can read interviews with our playwrights and creative team, find out more about how to get involved, and keep up to date with the latest from Another Day on our News page.

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