Theme for 2013

Our 2013 Performance will be themed “Performance”.

The theatrical environment provides a constant source of inspiration, and we would like to reflect this in our next event. If you are a playwright who is interested in collaborating with A Friend of a Friend, get your thinking cap on and be inspired by yourself or by those around you; whether it be a monologue from a struggling actor working in a call centre, an usher determined that he has sold his final pot of ice-cream, or a group of stage crew during their tea break, the possibilities are endless….

Don’t worry if you aren’t inspired to pen something following the theme, we WILL still consider general scripts, after all, we’re always on the lookout for gifted playwrights and you can’t bully the muses into doing what you want.

To apply, email afriendofafriendtheatre@hotmail.co.uk quoting your full name, and the name of your play(s). Don’t forget to attach the script(s) as either a PDF or a Word document.

We accept applications all year round, but to apply for a specific performance, please consult the Homepage for any deadlines.

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