Arts and ‘Performance’ Deadline

If you have not yet submitted a script in response to our ‘Performance’ theme, then never fear; although the deadline has officially passed, we have been so inspired by the variety that we have received, that we have extended the deadline and will be considering any further Arts themed short plays.

What do we mean by ‘ The Arts’? We are looking for scripts that consider aspects the Arts in general: gallery art (painting / sculpture / installation), performance art (theatre / music / film) or literature. And don’t forget, this could also mean the construction of the Arts, for example scenes from backstage or monologues from out of work actors. We want to explore how we relate to the Arts and how we engage with both the medium and its creators.

Are you inspired yet?

To submit your scripts, email us at afriendofafriendtheatre@hotmail.co.uk



- 10 minutes in length
– Maximum of four actors per play
– Can submit more than one script

– Plays should be in PDF or Word (.doc) format attached to email
– the file name should be the TITLE of the play
– Page 1 of the document should be a cover sheet including the title of the play, your name and your email address


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